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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: What mobile phones are compatible with your site?
A: Check the compatibility list.

Q: Does it cost anything to download ringtones from your site?
A: The only charge you pay is that of your WAP service provider. The downloading of ringtones from our site can be done completely free of charge (except premium ringtones). Premium ringtones are not free of charge.

Q: I'm recieving a "File Format Unkown" (or similar) error when attempting to download a ringtone, why?
A: In many cases, this is caused when the midi file is not compatible with your mobile phone. This can be caused by the following:
1) Your network restricts the downloading of ringtones.
2) The midi hasn't been optimized correctly (please contact us)
3) The midi is too big to download.NOTE: Some mobile phone service providers restrict the downloading of midi ringtones via WAP.

Q: How do I get free keypress ringtones for my cell phone?
A: You will need a composer or edit melody function in your phone to be able to do keypress tones. If you have this function, then try our free ring tones database - There's over 1000 ringtones!

Q: What Is MIDI?
A: MIDI is the acronym for Musical Instrument Digital Interface. MIDI was introduced in 1983. It was developed in cooperation between the major music industry electronic instrument manufacturers including Roland, Yamaha, Korg and others. The MIDI protocol allows electronic devices (usually synthesizers, but also computers, light show controllers, VCR's, multi-track recorders, etc.) to interact and work in synchronization with other MIDI compatible devices. Using a master controller device such as a keyboard, one can play or trigger sounds from other electronic devices remotely.

Q: Can you send the monophonic ringtones directly to my phone??
A: Unfortunately not, as this would mean we would have to charge for each ringtone sent. However, we can send premium ringtones.

Q: When I keypress the tones into my phone the screen shows something different to what I am putting in. What am I doing wrong?
A: The number in the keypress sequence represents what you should press on your phones keypad. What shows up on your screen, when you press the keypad, is the actual note of the ringtone. It will not look the same and does not mean you are doing anything wrong.

Q: My Motorola does not have composer function. Can I still get free tones?
A: By converting RTTTL keypress ringtones into a SMS/Binary format, you are then able to sms the tone to your own phone! You'll need a ringtones software converter application to convert these tones into this format for your phone. The Motorola binary format is accepted by a number of Motorola handsets including the V50, V100, T191, T192, T250 and Accompli 008. You can transmit the binary string to the phone by sms, cable or infra red.

Q: I have an Ericsson/Motorola C350 and I'm recieving the error, "403: Forbidden" (or similar) error when attempting to download a ringtone, why?
A: This problem occurs when downloading ringtones above the phone's limit of 3KB (3000 bytes). Unfortunately there is nothing you (or we) can do about this other than make sure your download ringtones that are under 3KB in size.

Q: How do I receive a monophonic ringtone?
A: - Ringtone Composer Keypresses Some Nokia models like the 3210, 3310, 3330, 3390, 8310, 8250 etc have a built in ringtone composer. You can use this to enter the composer keypresses found on this site. Make sure each character is entered exactly as it is displayed or else the ringtone won't be correct.
- Other Nokia models For all other models there are a few methods to get the ringtone into your phone using RTTTL (Ringing Tones Text Transfer Language).

Q: How do I receive polyphonic ringtones?
A: Using your wap phone, navigate to choosed ringtone link. Push the "Options" button and select "Open Link". In a few seconds you should get a message saying 'Ringtone received". Save the tone and give it a name.

Q: I like CoolFreeRingtones very much! Is there any way that I can help you?
A: There are few ways that you can help us:1. If you have home page, please link to us,2. Tell your friends about us,3. Visit our partner sites,4. Please report us if you find any broken links, missing pages or application bugs,5. Help us find requested MIDI files,6. Give us your feedback, comments, suggestions, compliments, critics.

Q: What are polyphonic ringtones?
A: Polyphonic ringtones or MIDI ringtones were introdused in 2002. Back then not many phones supported the use of polyphonic ringtones. Most new phones can play polyphonic ringtones.

Q: What are MIDI ringtones?
A: MIDI ringtones (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) enables the creation of polyphonic ringtones (musical compositions with differnet sounds). Polyphonic means that multiple tones can be played at the same time using instrument sounds such as guitar, drums, electronic piano, etc.

Q: What are Nokia Composer Ringtones?
A: The Nokia 3210 was the first Nokia phone to use the composer ringtones. Composer ringtones are also used by other cell phone manufacturers. Composer phones have a built in ringtone composer and you can compose new ringtones directly on their keyboards.

Q: What are key press ringtones?
A: Key press ringtones can be directly entered into your phone. Itīs much easier to compose ringtones with the key press format compared to the composer format (phones with ringtone composer). You do not need to understand the special symbols that appear on the composer screen as a result.

Q: What are RTTTL ringtones?
A: RTTTL stands for Ringtone Text Transfer Language and it is a format for coding the notes of a ringtone in a universal format. With special ringtone convertor programs RTTTL ringtones can be converted to other ringtone formats and uploaded to your cell phone via datacable or a infrared connection.

Q: I have a different question...?
A: Contact us!

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